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A few fun facts about me!~

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I have a wonderful family, I have been married 25 years, have three children and four grandchildren. They are truly the inspiration and motivation of my photography business!

My full time job is as an RN, a career that love! I also love chocolate and peanut butter, bonfires and a glass of wine. My favorite books are written by Nicholas Sparks...and the movies based off his books too :)

My absolute favorite TV show is This Is Us!

I love to travel and can't wait to do so again once we put this pandemic behind us! Disney and Mexico are two of my all time favorite spots to date!

I've always had a love for taking pictures. I probably try to photograph every moment possible! It wasn't until three years ago that I started to do photography as a business. As my family has grown, capturing those special moments has become priceless! They are my story, memories that can be shared for generations to come!

As much as I love creating my own story through photography, I want to help you create yours too

Share something with me about you! Have we worked together before? Are you looking for a photographer, if so what are you looking for in a photographer? What kind of memories do you like to capture? Looking forward to hearing from you and building relationships!

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